new album Second Life out now

Second Life 180-Gram Eco-Mix Color Vinyl

Second Life 180-Gram Eco-Mix Color Vinyl

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Single sleeve, 180-gram vinyl in special eco-mix color. That means the vinyl plant used whatever colors they had excess of, and it looks like they’re all a mix of pink, orange, and red, all swirled and marbled together. I think they turned out beautifully, I’m so stoked! 

Second Life VINYL

Side A:

  1. 1000 Years
  2. Angelica
  3. Guard & Prisoner (feat. Omotola)
  4. Rainbow Baby
  5. Tarot Cards (feat. Adam Olivieri & Combat!)

Side B:

  1. Rachel Takes a Bath
  2. Staple Gun (feat. Combat!)
  3. 5 Years (feat. Combat!)
  4. 100 Years
  5. The Heist